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How do I receive SMS responses and how do I reply?

In this article, we explain how to receive SMS responses of your contacts by receiving a notification email (recommended) or receiving an SMS. We also explain how to reply to SMS by email.

Receive SMS replies in an email notification (recommended)

You may receive responses to your SMS messages via a notification email.

As a sender, you need to use a phone number, that will be converted into a short code on your recipient phone. You cannot use a text sender, since there is no number to link the sender and the recipient. Replying to a text sent by an SMS service will fail.

For example, use a sender with your phone number 07119123456 and not your company name MYCOMPANY. Your recipient will receive your SMS from a 5-digit short code and won't see your phone number.

To receive notification emails on your Sendinblue login email address, you need to:

Enable the SMS Replies option on your account for SMS campaigns. 

  1. Go to Campaigns > Settings > General settings
  2. In SMS Replies, select Yes to receive replies to your SMS campaigns by email.
    Sendinblue supports SMS replies for contacts in France, US, Canada, Sweden, Norway, UK and French Polynesia. You will receive the replies on your login email address.

Enable the transactional SMS replies parameter for transactional SMS

  1. Go to your Sendinblue account and click the Transactional tab
  2. Go to SMS on the left side panel
  3. Click Settings
  4. Then go to the Configuration page
  5. Check Yes to the Transactional SMS replies
❗️ Important
Please note that you cannot use a reply-to email address to receive these SMS notification emails.

Receive SMS replies by SMS

Please note that Sendinblue does not offer back and forth SMS messaging.

To receive your contacts responses directly by SMS, add your phone number in the body of the SMS message you send to your contacts. Your contact will then have to reply directly to your phone number with their own phone number, and not as a reply to the SMS sent from Sendinblue. For this matter, we do not actually recommend using this method, as it could cause a lot of confusion between the different platforms used.

Reply to SMS replies by email

❗️ Important
Please note that you cannot reply to SMS responses by replying to the notification email as the notification email is just used to notify the account holder of an SMS response. If you do reply to the notification email, Sendinblue Customer Care will receive the reply, not your contact.

To reply to SMS responses by email, you must:

  1. Grab the SMS number in the notification email
  2. Look into your contact database to retrieve the email address of the contact who sent you the SMS
  3. Directly send them an email

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.