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What is the "Click-to-Open Rate"?

The click-to-open rate of your campaign is your contacts' number of clicks divided by the number of openers. There are three kind of rates that will allow you to analyze your campaign's effectiveness.

The click rate is the one you must maximize: It directly represents your campaign's effectiveness. A low click rate might be due to two reasons:

  • The open rate is too low, in which case you must modify your e-mail's Subject and verify that it is not being marked as "SPAM".
  • The click-to-open rate is too low. People might open your message, but if they do not click on your campaign then it is not effective. In such case you must focus in your e-mail's content: Your presentation and proposal.

This means that the click-to-open rate represents the effectiveness of your e-mail's content: Whether it's interesting and relevant to your contacts.

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