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What are soft bounces and hard bounces?

The term "bounce" refers to a message that has failed to be delivered and resulted in an error message. There are two types of bounces: 

  • soft bounces (ex: the recipient's server is unavailable or their inbox is full)
  • hard bounces (ex: non-existent address or blocked email address).

Note: Sendinblue automatically blacklists contacts that result in hard bounces.

Why does my number of hard bounces decrease as time goes by?

As contacts result in hard bounces, they are automatically blacklisted by Sendinblue to prevent your emails from being sent to them and getting hard bounced again. This allows you to maintain an active list and get the best results for your email marketing next time you send a campaign.

Do I pay bounced emails?

Are you using your credits?

Soft bounces and hard bounces can occur after you have sent an email. In Sendinblue, you are using your credits every time you send an email, so technically yes, you are paying even if an email bounces after being sent (click here to learn more about soft and hard bounces). 


Hard bounce

You will only pay once when there’s a hard bounce. When the email hard bounces, the contact is blacklisted and is excluded from future campaigns. This means that the hard bounce is charged in the first attempt (because we sent the email) but after the address is blacklisted, they are not charged (because we don’t send emails to blacklisted contacts).


Soft bounce

For soft bounces, we retry sending emails up to 3 times in 36 hours. If they still remain undelivered the emails are marked as a soft bounce. Every time the platform is trying to send the email you are using your credits.

When do we return these credits?

Your credits will not be returned unless there was a technical issue on our platform with email deliverability. In such special cases, we refund the credits manually.


🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.