What does the "Requeue" feature do?

Requeue resumes sending a campaign after it has been suspended (or paused). This tool comes in handy for users who run out of credits in the middle of sending a campaign. For example, a user on the Free Plan might program their campaign to be sent to 1,000 contacts, but with the daily quota, they are only able to send it to 300 on the first day.

Thanks to the Requeue feature, they can resume sending the campaign to the rest of their list.


To apply the Requeue feature to a campaign so that it will continue sending when credits become available, open the Campaigns tab from the Dashboard and select Suspended from the options to see all campaigns that are currently suspended.

Then click Requeue below the campaign name, and confirm that you wish to requeue the campaign in the pop-up notification.

Requeue will send the campaign to the rest of the contacts in the designated list who have not previously received the campaign. This step must be done manually each time that you want to send the campaign to the rest of your list. If you are using the Free Plan, you may Requeue a campaign once every 24 hours, once your next 300 emails are available to send.

Good to know: Do not Duplicate the campaign. If the campaign is Duplicated (rather than Requeued), it will be considered as a new campaign and sent to contacts who have already received it.