Qualify your contacts using SendinBlue’s scoring system

If you would like to tell the difference between your contacts and your qualified leads, you can use the scoring system on SendinBlue’s automation platform.

  1. First you need to create a contact attribute where you will store the score. To find out more about adding contract attributes, you can take a look at this tutorial.


  1. Then go to the Marketing Automation platform to create a new workflow or edit an existing one:
  • After one of the user actions, add a modification action for a contact attribute.


  • Then choose the previously created attribute(1) to store the contact’s score, then define the operation to be applied : add or take away(2) a certain number of points(3)


  •  Don’t forget to activate your workflow once you’ve finished.

Example: We want to add 5 points when a user subscribes to the Newsletter or when they visit the "Contact" page(1). If their score is more than or equal to 5(2), then we want them to be added to the "Qualified contacts" list(3) and to be sent an "Introduction email"(4).


If you create a workflow like the one in the example, don’t forget to authorize the contact to enter the workflow several times.