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Reviewing your transactional email reports

In this article, we will explain how to find and review your transactional email reports.

Review your transactional email reports

Your transactional email reports are divided into 4 different tabs:


Real time

The Real time tab details the recent activities of your emails.


Under the Real time tab, you will find a Last 30 minutes section. This section provides you with a comprehensive view of your business through performance indicators :

  • Events: number of events (transactional emails sent, bounced, opened, etc.) detected by Sendinblue.
  • Delivered: number of recipients who received your transactional emails.
  • Opens: number of times your recipients opened your transactional emails.
  • Clicks: number of clicks on a link in your transactional emails.
  • Bounced: number of soft and hard bounces generated by your transactional emails.


In the Per minute and Per second sections, you also have the ability to monitor the sending of your transactional emails with aggregations per minute and per second. The real-time graph is composed of the main indicators of your transactional emails (opens, clicks, bounces, etc...)


The Statistics tab allows you to view the stats of your transactional emails with the ability to add filters, to define a time period, and to sort your items by selecting a sender and/or a tag in particular.


The metrics will show you the number of transactional emails, as well as ratios over a specific period:

  • Delivery rate: number of emails delivered / number of emails sent.
  • Opening rate: number of unique openings / number of emails delivered.
  • Click rate: number of unique clicks / number of emails delivered.
  • Bounce rate: number of hard bounces + soft bounces.
  • Complaint rate: number of contacts who reported your emails as spam.
  • Hard bounce rate: number of permanent undelivered emails due to misspelled or nonexistent email addresses.
  • Soft bounce rate: number of temporarily undelivered emails due to the mail server being temporarily unavailable or a full mailbox.
  • Blocked rate: number of emails marked as spam + emails that hard bounced.


The graph allows you to quickly view the average trend for transactional emails that were delivered, sent, clicked and that resulted in bounces. It can give you an overview on the success of your transactional emails.


The Logs tab gives you access to the logs of the transactional emails sent to your contacts.


You can filter your logs to only view certain events, senders, or tags:


  • Sent: the transactional email has been sent to the recipient
  • Delivered: the transactional email has been successfully delivered to the recipient
  • First opening: the recipient opened the transactional email for the first time
  • Opened: the recipient opened the transactional email
  • Clicked: the recipient opened the transactional email and clicked a link inside of it
  • Hard bounce: the transactional email could not be delivered due to a permanent issue (e.g. misspelled or nonexistent email address)
  • Soft bounce: the transactional email could not be delivered due to a temporary issue (e.g. mail server temporarily unavailable or full inbox)
  • Blocked: the recipient has not received the transactional email because the email address is blocklisted
  • Complaint: the transactional email was reported as spam by the recipient
  • Unsubscribed: the recipient unsubscribed from your mailing list
  • Invalid Email: the recipient has not received the transactional email because the email address does not exist 
  • Deferred: the transactional email is in Standby Reception and can be received later (e.g. full inbox) 
  • Error: the recipient has not received the transactional email because an issue happened during the sending via an API call


All senders on the Sendinblue account.


All tags added to email templates on the Sendinblue account.

Log information


By clicking on a log, you will be able to view more information about the log:

  • Details: view details about the log such as the send date, the sender, the recipient, the message ID, and the template ID.
  • Transactional email preview: view a preview of the transactional email received by the recipient.
  • History: view a history of the events related to this specific transactional email.
  • Clicked links: view the links clicked by the recipient.

Contact details

While viewing the log information, you can click the email address of the recipient in the To field to open the contact details.


From there, you can:

  • view or edit information about the contact.
  • view the statistics of their interactions with your transactional emails.
  • blocklist or re-subscribe the contact.


The Settings tab gives you access to several transactional settings.


Here are some useful settings from your transactional emails:

  • Configuration: configure and manage your transactional mailings via SMTP or API.
  • Webhook: retrieve all track events in real time (opens, clicks, bounces). For example, whenever one of your emails is opened, the Opened event for the email address in question is systematically retrieved in your database.
  • Blocked or Unsubscribed contacts: view the list of blocklisted contacts and unblock them, if necessary.

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