Create your first SMS marketing campaign

Get ready! It's time to learn how to to create a SMS campaign in 3 easy steps.

Before Getting Started

Ensure that SMS has been enabled through your App Center (the plus sign in the top menu of your account) and that the contacts you would like to send your SMS campaign have a mobile number saved in your Sendinblue database. The mobile number must be saved in the column (attribute) labeled as SMS. If your contacts are located outside of the United States, their mobile number must include the appropriate country code prefix.

For more information on how to create an SMS List, please read this tutorial: Create a list for your SMS campaigns.

Good to know: For now, Sendinblue SMS supports only GSM characters. Unicode content used in non-Latin alphabets (e.g. Arabic, Russian) is not supported.

Step 1: Create Your Message

To get started with your SMS campaign go to the Campaigns tab, then select SMS and click on + Create a SMS Campaign.


1) Enter the name of your campaign. This name will only be visible to you (not your recipients).

2) Personalize the name of the sender using up to 11 characters.

3) Add the content of your message in the SMS Message field. An SMS message can have up to 160 characters including 'space' and 'enter'. For SMS messages above 160 characters, the length of 1 SMS message changes to 153 characters. For example, if your message has 320 characters, your campaign will be sent as 3 SMS messages (153+153+14 characters).


Notes for SMS sent to the US: 

  • To comply with applicable US laws, always include this phrase in your first SMS message to contacts in the US:
    [Your Company Name] Alerts. [#] msg/mo. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.  Msg&Data rates may apply. Replace [Your Company Name] with your company name and replace [#] with the number of SMS messages you expect to send to your contacts each month.
  • It is not recommended to include URL shorteners (like or tinyurl) in SMS campaigns sent to US contacts. This may affect the deliverability of your campaigns and result in hard bounces.

Note for SMS sent to Malaysia: Each SMS message has a 153-characters limit. Due to mandatory regulations by their local government, RM0.00 will always be added to the message body.

4) Once your message has been created, you can send an SMS test (if desired). 

Note: the SMS test will be deducted from your SMS credits. Sending a test is optional and not required to send your campaign.

Step 2: Choose Your Recipients

In this step, you can choose the list(s) of contacts that you wish to send your SMS campaign to.

You can also "Apply a Filter" or an "Exclusion List" to target a specific segment of contacts.

Reminder: The list(s) that you choose must include your contacts' mobile number in the SMS field. If your contacts are located outside of the United States, their mobile number must include the appropriate country code prefix.

Step 3: Schedule Your Campaign

You can review your campaign and customisations before scheduling your campaign. Next, choose whether to send your campaign immediately, or schedule a date and a time to launch it in the future.

Please note that mobile carriers do not allow sending SMS marketing messages between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. on Sundays and holidays. Be respectful of your contacts and avoid sending SMS marketing messages late in evening.


Have questions or need help? Send us an email ( and we'll answer your questions or provide assistance with creating your SMS campaign!