Converting your White Label account to the Multiple Accounts manager

Please follow the steps below to convert your White Label account to the Multiple Accounts manager and allow your sub-accounts to access all SendinBlue features.

Note: When using the Multiple Account manager, references to SendinBlue may occasionally be visible to your users. This is why we do not refer to this tool as a White Label solution.

Step 1 – Create a CNAME record

You will need to create a CNAME record as shown below.

1. If you’d like to activate transactional SMS:

  • Sub-domain:
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Target:

2. If you’d like to activate transactional emails:

  • Sub-domain:
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Target:

3. If you’d like to activate automation:

  • Sub-domain:
  • Record type: CNAME
  • Target:

Step 2 – SMTP activation

After you have created the appropriate CNAME record(s), please send an email to so we can activate transactional functionality for your sub-accounts.

Important: You will need to associate your dedicated IP to S.SMTP in order to activate transactional email functionality. Step 3 will guide you through this process. Once SMTP is activated for your parent account, you may enable it for your desired sub-accounts.

Step 3 – Configure your dedicated IP

To associate your dedicated IP to S.SMTP, visit this page while logged into your SendinBlue account: Click on "Manage" and then on "Associate with S.SMTP". Once your dedicated IP is associated with S.SMTP, please return to your SendinBlue "Parent" account dashboard.

Step 4 – Activate transactional features for your sub-accounts

You will now see the SMS icon displayed under each sub-account (once Step 2 is completed). The SMTP icon will also be displayed under each account whose dedicated IP is associated with S.SMTP (in Step 3).  By default, these icons will appear with a red dot indicating that the SMS and SMTP features are inactive.

To activate transactional emails and/or SMS for your sub-accounts, click on the respective icons: 

  • SMS to activate transactional SMS
  • SMTP to activate transactional SMTP

The features have been activated once the red dots have changed to green.

Step 5 – Accessing transactional features from sub-accounts

When SMTP-activated users log on to their sub-account, two new options will be visible: "Transactional Emails" and "Transactional SMS". 


SendinBlue Multiple Account Solution Setup - Step 5

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