Sharing email templates with child accounts

❗️ Important 
Please note that the White Label product is being depreciated and is no longer being offered to new clients.

Sendinblue White Label users can create email templates in their parent account and share them with their desired child accounts. This time-saving feature eliminates the need to re-create the same email templates in each child account.

1. Create your email template

To create a shareable template, simply follow the regular email creation process. However, you only need to perform Steps 1 and 2. (review our tutorial about creating your first campaign to learn more).
After creating your template, save and exit the campaign builder.

2. Select the template to share with your child account(s)

Once your template is created, you can select the child account(s) to share it with. Click on More > Share with child.


Select the child account(s) that you wish to share the template with.


Good to know: You can also share and import a template by URL.

3. Using a shared template from a child account

Once shared, the new template(s) will be accessible from the selected child accounts. To use a shared template, create a new campaign within a child account. During Step 2 of the creation process, open the "Shared Templates" tab and select the desired template.


Then, the campaign’s design can be finalized and sent from the child account.

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