Managing your white label account

Your SendinBlue white label account has been successfully created and you should have received a confirmation email. Please follow this tutorial to give you a better understanding of how to use your Administrator account to manage your sub-accounts. To access the interface to manage your users/sub-accounts, go to your SendinBlue account and click on My Account, then on My Reseller Account (make sure you do not confuse the parent account accessible from SendinBlue with the sub-accounts accessible from your customized URL) 

1.Customizing the interface to suit you

Make the SendinBlue platform your own by customizing the interface.

You can download: 
- your logo: it will appear on your sub-accounts' login page on your white label platform
- your icon: it will appear in the top left of the header on all your white label platform interfaces.

You can also select the color of links and buttons, and the background color. 

2. Creating a user or sub-account

The white label plan lets you create sub-accounts/users independently. When you create a user, you choose their login email address and password. For your information, each user's API key is also available from their user profile.

3. Associating a dedicated IP address to a user or sub-account

Once you have configured the dedicated IP address(es), you need to:

1. Associate your chosen IP address(es) to this white label account. To do so, click on "Associate an IP" and choose the dedicated IP address(es) you wish to use with your white label account. 

2. Assign this (or these) dedicated IP address(es) to each user account. You just need to click on "Add" under each user's "Associated IPs" field. You can assign more than one IP address to the same user. This means the campaigns routed by this user will be randomly spread among the IP addresses in the pool.

Tip: Depending on your customers, the sensitivity of their email content and the quality of their contact databases, we recommend using a dedicated IP address for each sub-account.

4. Assigning email and/or SMS credits

The number of monthly email credits included in your plan is shown in the top left-hand corner (150,000 credits in our example). You are free to assign credits to your sub-accounts.

  • To add e-mail credits to one of your sub-accounts, you just need to click on the (+) sign in the column "email credits remaining".
  • To remove email credits from one of your sub-accounts, you just need to click on the (-) sign in the column "email credits remaining"

Email credits are valid for 30 days from the subscription date. If your email credit has run out, you can subscribe to a new plan at any time (from the white or special label tab)

Note: As subscriptions cannot be combined, you need to subscribe to a new plan once you have completely used up all your credits. Any email credits remaining in your first subscription will not be saved.
The number of credits available equals the number of credits still to be assigned in the current month, so: Number of credits in the subscription = email credits available + email credits already assigned + email credits used, i.e. A=B+C+D

On the first day of your new subscription, the number of "email credits available" is calculated as follows: Number of "email credits available" = number of "email credits included in the plan" - total "email credits remaining". Let's look at an example.

Let's say that you subscribe to a white label plan with 100,000 emails per month on January 1. You create 2 user accounts: user 1 to whom you assign 70,000 credits and user 2 to whom you assign 30,000 credits. User 1 uses up their 70,000 credits in January. User 2 only uses 5,000. On February 1, user 1 has 0 email credits remaining and user 2 still has 25,000. The number of credits available is therefore 100,000 - 25,000 = 75,000. Now let's say that user 1 asks you for 80,000 credits and user 2 informs you that 5,000 credits will be enough for February. You can then remove 20,000 credits from user 2. You then have 95,000 email credits available and you can assign 80,000 of them to user 1. You will then have: Number of email credits available = 15,000 Email credits remaining, User 1 = 80,000 Email credits remaining, User 2 = 5,000 SMS credits are valid for an unlimited period.

To buy more SMS credits, click here.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our international support team is available to assist you with any queries you may have regarding your white label account.