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Example step 1 for Gandi: Delegation of your subdomain

If you have purchased a dedicated IP in SendinBlue you must link this IP using a domain name, or a subdomain in order for it to work. We recommend that you use your main domain name and create a subdomain dedicated to sending your email. The success of your email marketing strategy is the establishment of trust between you and your recipients. So be as transparent as possible, for example:

In case you are unable to delegate a subdomain, you can always buy a domain name from a web hosting service such as or This tutorial is dedicated to the delegation of your sub-domain on Gandi but you can also see how to delegate your subdomain on domain name that you purchase must include the name of your website, for example

1. Tutorial to delegate a domain name with

1. Login to your Gandi account.

2. Go to your list of domain names, you should see the following window.

Screen Shot Gandi 1

3. We are going to configure the settings of your DNS, so click on "DNS Zone". You should then be on the following page.

Screen Shot Gandi 1

4. Then modify the configuration of your DNS in text-mode. In our case, we have version 3 which is active and we will create a new version 4 by clicking on the button "Create a new version".

Screen Shot 2

5. We will select the "Expert" edit mode and then add the following two entries (of course, replace your news by subdomain) and save:/p>

news 10800 IN NS news 10800 IN NS

NOTE: Our domain name in the example is

Screen Shot 3

6. Now our version 2 is saved but not activated.

Screen Shot 4

7. Finally, you need to activate your new version by clicking on the button "Activate this version".

Once you are done following these steps, click on "Submit". It is recommended to wait atleast a day, to make sure that the process is working properly and that your domain or subdomain have been delegated successfully.

Screen Shot 5

Now you have the base for setting up your dedicated IP!

Send us an email if you have any questions or problems.


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