Define attribute conditions for text type {IF}

The more personalized an email is, the higher the open and click rates will be! With SendinBlue, you can personalize your emails using attribute terms.

What use are attribute terms?

With attribute terms you can add different sets of text based on the information contained in your database.
For example: Consider that you want to customize the beginning of your email depending on the title of your subscribers: "Dear Ms." for a woman, "Dear Mr." for a man, To do this, you need a specific attribute in your database to determine the difference. Here, you have a "Gender" attribute , with "M" for male and "F" for female.


You will need to write the correct programming phrase in your campaign to populate this customized text. Here you write the equivalent of "If the attribute" GENDER "of the subscriber is equal to" F " insert Dear Ms." as a programming phrase: {IF,GENDER,=,F}{Dear Ms.} To insert "Dear Mr." you should write: {IF,GENDER,=,M}{Dear Mr.} This is the formula to follow for any "If, Then" statements: {IF, the attribute label,=, the attribute you are looking for}{The text to be inserted} It is also possible to simplify the code by writing a single line and using a different syntax (order). The phrase (condition) begins the same way: {IF,GENDER,=,F}{Dear Ms.} If you add a "//" followed by the text you want if the condition is false, it becomes: {IF,GENDER,=,F}{Dear Ms.}//{Dear Mr.}

Note: If you would like to program specific text to appear when a contact in your database has an empty attribute, you need to use space {IF, the header of the attribute,=, }{The text to be inserted}. This will allow you to set "backup" text in case your attribute is empty.

Using the example above, for all subscribers who aren't women, the email will begin with "Dear Mr.". Of course, these conditions do not only concern Gender, so you have flexibility to be as creative as you like!

You may check the tutorial to Creating conditions using number and date attributes

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