Using campaign tags

Tags are used to classify your SendinBlue campaigns, as well as the subscribers of your mailing lists. Campaign tags are available as "Search Conditions" in the search engine of the subscribers and list managers.

Campaign tags are used just like a tag for a blog article or a photo. This is a way of finding, by a search function, which subscribers have received a certain type of campaign, like "Monthly Newsletter".

How to create or add a tag

You can create or add a tag in the first step of the campaign creation. Click on the "Advanced Settings" button, then scroll down to "Add tags".  Add a pre-existing tag or create a new one.

How to reuse the tag function

To reuse the tag function, simply choose "Tag" as your search condition in the lists or subscribers manager, or when you choose campaign recipients.

So here's another way to classify your users!

Send us an email if you have any questions or problems concerning the use of tags.