đŸŽ„ Using the Drag & Drop Editor

The Drag & Drop editor lets you create engaging campaigns that automatically fit the screen size of the device displaying them. No HTML knowledge is needed! Before you start, please take a look at our video tutorial on how to create your first email campaign with the Drag & Drop editor.

Note: This video highlights an earlier version of the Drag & Drop Editor interface, however, most functionality remains similar.   

1. Email layout

In the left-hand column, you will see the different types of layout available. For example, let's select the option that shows an image block on the left and a text block on the right.



By clicking on the Edit button you can edit the various elements: Title, Image, Text, Button, etc.


2. Text

When you click in the Text section, you will see a number of text customization options: font, colors, links, etc. You can also add links to websites or to an email address.


3. Images

You can edit your images directly from the newsletter editor with tools for cropping images, adding text or a frame, creating color filters, or adjusting the contrast or saturation. To use the image editor, click on the image you would like to edit and click "Edit" in the top right corner of the image. 

SendinBlue Responsive Template BuilderEN

You will have access to all editing tools, including:

  1. Effects - add an effect
  2. Frames - add a frame
  3. Crop - cut to a specific portion of the image
  4. Resize - adjust the image dimensions
  5. Orientation - rotate or flip the image
  6. Draw - draw on the image
  7. Write - add text to the image

Créateur de newsletter Responsive Design de SendinBlue2

To go back (undo) or restore (redo) your latest changes, click on the arrows in the lower right corner of the editor. However, it’s important to note that once you save your changes, they cannot be undone.

Créateur de newsletter Responsive Design de SendinBlue3

Once you are finished editing your image, click "Save".

4. Templates

You can use 2 types of templates:

  1. SendinBlue templates: we are constantly expanding our library of newsletter templates.
  2. Your own newsletters: sent or draft emails can be used as a starting point for your new email.


 5. Device-based rendering

Once your newsletter is complete, you can test its rendering on your computer, tablet, and smartphone using the buttons on the top left.


Once you are happy with the rendering, you just need to save and exit. Then you can schedule the campaign ... and track the results!