Import a blacklist of subscribers

blacklisted contact is one that is excluded from receiving your campaigns.

SendinBlue will blacklist contacts automatically if: 

  • they have unsubscribed from your messages
  • they have marked your emails as SPAM
  • an email to the contact resulted in a hard bounce 

You may also blacklist contacts manually or import a list of contacts to add to your blacklist. 

Configure your blacklist file

You may import your contact list formatted as a CSV or TXT file. Use your own file, or download our sample import file, add your contacts to the sample, and import this file. 

To learn more about setting up a contact import file: 

Importing contacts

To import a blacklist, navigate to your Contacts page in SendinBlue and click on the Import contacts button.  


Click on Upload a file and select the desired CSV file, or drag and drop your file within the outlined area.


Next, you will see a preview of the contacts and attribute data to be imported from your file. The column headers shown in the preview are the same as the headers in your import file. 


If the contacts and attributes are separated correctly, click Confirm your file to move to the next step. 

Mapping data 

In this step, you will indicate how SendinBlue should match the data from your file to your SendinBlue contact list. As a minimum, ensure that the email address data is mapped correctly to the EMAIL contact attribute. 

If desired, you may also import additional contact attributes for your blacklist.


Select a list

Now, choose the list(s) to which your blacklisted contacts will be added. You may select one or multiple existing lists, or create a new list. 

Remember, blacklisted contacts may be organized into lists, but cannot receive any of your campaigns.


Finalize your import 

Before importing your contacts, you will be asked to confirm several important settings. 

Important: Ensure that you have toggled on the option to Blacklist the imported email contacts (or SMS contacts). 
import-blacklist-EN-4.png Click Confirm your import to begin your import. 

You will be redirected back to your Contacts page. Large imports may take a few moments to fully process. 

Once completed, a banner will summarize the details of your import, including the number of added contacts, number of existing contacts, number of invalid email addresses, etc. You will also receive an email notification confirming this summary. 

All blacklisted contacts will appear in red with a symbol to the left of the email address, like the example below.


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