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Create a list from an existing contact list

In this article, we will explain how to segment contacts from your existing lists to create new lists.

Sendinblue offers two types of lists that can be created from a Contacts search:

  • A list with specific contacts from a search: segment specific contacts from Sendinblue's powerful search engine. This is very useful for creating specific lists. For example, searching for all openers from your last campaign to make a list of contacts that you know could open your next campaign.
  • A list with random contacts: extract a random segment from your database. You define the size and your result will consist of randomly selected contacts. This can be useful for testing your email with a small random segment before sending it to all your contacts.

You can also combine these two segmentation types.

Step 1: Select your contacts

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Click Advanced Search & Segmentation
  3. Choose which contacts to search. You can search within a single list or search All Contacts.
  4. Select your search criteria.
    These search preferences will filter your search results. Learn more about the different types of search criteria in this article about searching for contacts. If you want to segment a random sample without excluding any contacts from your list, do not add any condition to your search.
  5. Click Search
  6. Check the box next to Email to select all the search results

Step 2: Create a list from your search results

💡 Good to know
Your search must return at least one result in order to create a new list. If your search does not yet return results, try creating and saving a search filter instead.  

  1. Open the Action dropdown menu
  2. Click Copy to list
  3. Select New list

  4. Choose a folder for your new list
  5. Name your new list
  6. For more options, click Advanced Options:
    • Dynamic list: create a list of contacts that updates based on your search conditions at a certain time each day. Please note that a dynamic list cannot be used in an Automation workflow.
    • Ramdom samples: create a random sample with a limited number of contacts segmented from your list. 
  7. Click Add finalize your list
  8. Click OK to confirm the creation of your new list

Your new list has been created! You can now view and edit your list on the Lists dashboard.

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