Examples of search filters

SendinBlue lets you segment your database by specific socio-demographic criteria (e.g. gender, city), transactional criteria (e.g. customers generating the highest turnover) or behavioral criteria (openers, clickers, etc).

1. Filter contacts by field

You can apply a filter to select your contacts by transactional or calculated attribute fields. The filter will give you contacts with a field that matches or is different to the one you selected for your attribute field, or that has a calculated field that is higher, lower or equal to the amount you entered. 

  • In this example, a filter has been applied to produce a list of French-speaking contacts
  • And here, a list of customers that have been added after a specific date

2. Filter contacts by behavior

You can also apply a filter to select contacts by their behavior towards your email campaigns.

  • Produce a list of openers (readers): Contacts that have opened your campaign emails. Your search can relate to a specific campaign or all your email campaigns. Similarly, the time range of the search can be limited by a start and end date, or unlimited. In this example, a filter has been applied to select contacts that opened all campaign emails in the last two weeks.
  • Produce a list of clickers: Contacts that opened your email and clicked on one of the links. In this example, we want a list of the contacts that clicked on a campaign at least once in 2013.
  • Produce a list of hard bounces: Contacts whose email address does not exist). Here, the search filter is displaying hard bounce contacts from the last 10 days for all campaigns. Note that the list only contains blacklisted customers. In fact, with SendinBlue if a customer's email address hard bounces once in any campaign, that customer is blacklisted and receives no further campaign emails.
  • Produce a list of Blacklisted contacts: Contacts can be blacklisted if they have marked your email as spam (complaint), unsubscribed from your campaigns (unsubscription), if you have unsubscribed them (admin unsubscription) or they have hard bounced. You can apply a search filter to find customers that have been blacklisted for any of the above reasons. In this example, we want the list of customers who have been blacklisted because they unsubscribed in 2014.SS 6

3. Cross-reference search filters

You can refine and expand your search by cross-referencing the different filters.

  • Refine your search by adding the condition "and".

In this example, we have produced a list of customers who opened a campaign in the last 100 days and also clickers in the last 100 days.

SS 7

  • Expand your search by adding the condition "or"SS2

In this example, we have produced a list of customers who are blacklisted because they marked your campaign emails as spam or because they unsubscribed from your newsletters.

SS 8

You now have all the tools you need to filter your contacts effectively!