Use search filters

The search filter is a very useful advanced functionality. It allows you to create and save search conditions which you can duplicate and reuse in multiple locations of the SendinBlue platform (Lists, Subscriber Manager, and during a Campaign Creation).

The search filter is a dynamic feature, once you create your search condition it will take into account any new data and it doesn't need to be manually updated.

How do you use these filters?

Let's imagine you want to send a message only to your biggest customers? Or you want to exclude all your Hotmail subscribers? Or those who did not open up your previous campaigns? With the search filter you will be able to target these specific groups.

Creating a Search Filter:

Step 1

First, let's go to the "Contacts" tab and open the "Advanced Search & Segmentation" tool. Then customize your search conditions. For example, on the picture below we would like to find the subscribers with email addresses ending in "hotmail".


Step 2

Save your filter by clicking on the "Save" button.


Then name it and press "Add". This will allow you to reuse these search conditions later. Saved.jpg

Step 3

You can reuse your search filter in the "Lists" or "Contacts" tab, or at the 2nd step of a campaign creation. You can use your filter by clicking "My filters".


Now you can start finding specific contacts and better targeting your emails!

Send us an email if you have any questions or problems.