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Use search filters [Classic design]

The search filter is a very useful advanced functionality. It allows you to create and save search conditions that you can reuse in Sendinblue.

Since a search filter is a dynamic feature, once you create your search condition it will take into account any new data and it doesn't need to be manually updated.

Why should I use search filters?

Let's imagine you want to send a message only to your biggest customers? Or you want to exclude all your Hotmail subscribers? Or those who did not open up your previous campaigns? With search filters you will be able to target these specific groups.

Create a search filter

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Select Advanced Search & Segmentation
  3. Select your search conditions. In our example below, we would like to find the subscribers with email addresses ending in "hotmail"
  4. To get more accurate and relevant results:
    • Add an AND condition by clicking the + sign on the right to add dependant conditions
    • Add an OR condition by clicking Add an OR condition to include either of your search conditions, or all simultaneously
  5. Click Save filter to save the search filter
  6. Name the search filter
  7. Click Add

Use your search filters

In the Contacts tabs

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Select Advanced Search & Segmentation
  3. Click My Filters
  4. Select the search filter you want to use

In the Lists tab

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Go to Lists
  3. Click the Actions drop-down list
  4. Select Subscriber Manager
  5. Click My Filters
  6. Select the search filter you want to use

During a campaign creation

  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Click Create an email campaign
  3. At the Recipients step of your campaign creation, check the Apply filters on the selected lists checkbox
  4. Click Load a Saved Search Filter
  5. Select the search filter you want to use

In a Marketing Automation workflow

  1. Go to Automation
  2. Click Create a workflow
  3. Select a workflow or click Create a new workflow
  4. In your workflow entry point, select Contact filter conditions under Contact Details
  5. Select the filter that will start the workflow when a contact matches it
  6. Select when to check for a match and at what interval
  7. Click OK

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