How do the if/else conditions work?

The if/else conditions allow you to segment your contacts within a workflow. The if/else condition is a step that depends on the validity (or non-validity) of a condition related to one of your contacts’ attributes or a custom event.

Your workflow will then split into two branches: "Yes" if the contact meets the condition and "No" if the contact does not meet the condition. Here are the main conditions you can create:

1. Contact activity: Choose whether a contact is on a particular list, subscribed via a subscription form or has a particular attribute. In the example shown below, we have added a condition to separate contacts who are customers from those who a re not.



2. Marketing and transactional email activity: The condition will check whether the contact has opened or clicked in one of your marketing or transactional emails.

3. Activity linked to your website: Use this condition for custom events such as a JS/API event or attribute, or a call identify. For example, you can check whether the person has visited a particular page on your website, placed an order, etc.