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What is the quota applied to transactional emails?

In this article, we will explain what is the quota applied to transactional emails.

What is a quota?

To help new transactional senders build a positive reputation over time, we apply an hourly sending bandwidth for accounts using our shared IPs. It is the Quota you can see on the left of your screen.


Transactional senders who are using our shared IPs will start with an initial hourly quota of 100 emails per hour. This bandwidth will increase or decrease automatically based on your engagement metrics and sending volume.

Please note:

  • Upgrading your monthly plan or purchasing email credits will not remove the hourly quota applied to transactional emails. The only way to remove the hourly quota applied to transactional emails is to purchase a dedicated IP.
  • There is no hourly quota for email campaigns. The only limit for email campaigns is the daily limit of 300 emails for Free plans and the monthly limit for higher plans.
💡 Good to know
Senders who wish to send non-transactional materials (such as marketing emails) through the SMTP platform may only do so by using a dedicated IP.

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