Why not delete contacts who are blacklisted?

In this article, we will explain why we recommend keeping your blacklisted contacts instead of deleting them from your Sendinblue account.

Should I blacklist or delete contacts?

In regard to deleting or blacklisting your contacts, you can choose to do either. However, we do recommend you leave the contact as blacklisted in your account to protect the quality of your campaigns.

Why not delete contacts who are blacklisted?

Keeping blacklisted contacts ensures that you cannot accidentally re-import and send campaigns to contacts that are found to be invalid, or to those who have previously opted out of your communications.

If you end up keeping the blacklisted contacts, we recommend you create a separate contact list. To do so, you can create a search filter using our Advanced Search & Segmentation feature and create a new list with the segmented contacts.



💡 Good to know
If a contact was blacklisted by error or if they asked to be subscribed again, check out our dedicated article to learn how to remove a contact from your blacklist.

Can blacklisted contacts still receive emails?

In Sendinblue, email campaigns and transactional emails have two separate blacklists. This means that if a contact is blacklisted from receiving your email campaigns, they can still receive your transactional emails. To be blacklisted from both email campaigns and transactional emails, the contact would have to unsubscribe/mark as spam both an email campaign and a transactional email.

❗️ Important
When a contact unsubscribes from a transactional email, they are only blacklisted from the sender of this specific email. They can still receive transactional emails sent from another sender.
For example, if a contact unsubscribes from the transactional emails sent from info@sendinblue.com, they can still receive emails sent from update@sendinblue.com.