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Can I insert videos in my newsletter?

It is impossible to insert a video file in a newsletter because email clients usually don't support video files and may ignore those emails.

However, you can insert a link to your video in your newsletter.

  1. Take a screenshot of the video you want to insert and add a player button in the middle to make it look like a Youtube thumbnail.
    You can even create a gif to make it more interactive.
  2. Use the Image block to insert the screenshot in your newsletter.
  3. To add the link to the screenshot, click on the picture. A small options box pops up at the bottom.
    Click the Add link logo.
    A window opens.


  4. Fill in the information regarding the:
    • Type of link is the Absolute link (URL)
    • Link target is the link of your video
    • Link title is the word you want to display when hovering the picture.
  5. Click Insert.

Once your customers receive the newsletter, they just have to click on the picture and the video will launch from the YouTube platform.

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