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Is there a limit to the free plan?

Are there limits on the number of emails I can send?

Yes, with the free plan, you have a quota of 300 emails per day.

But don't worry, the next days you can still manually send your campaign to all your subscribers thanks to the "Requeue" feature.
Please note that the emails won't automatically be sent the next days, you'll have to do it manually with the Requeue option.

Are there limits on the number of contacts?

No, you can import an unlimited number of contacts to your account!

However, for the Marketing Automation scenarios the free plan allow only 2000 contacts to enter the workflows. If you need more contacts to enter your workflow, you can choose a premium plan or above.

Can I remove the Sendinblue logo with my free plan?

No you can't, only some paying plans allow you to remove the logo from your emails (Lite + and above / Bronze or above)

Other limits

  • The campaign reports have less details in the free plan.
  • Premium features are not available (Landing pages, Facebook ads, A/B testing, etc.) 

To learn more about our different plan, please go to

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.