Add an unsubscribe link to your SMS campaigns

❗️ Important
For SMS sent to US contacts, please use the method described in this article and always include this phrase in your first SMS message: [Your Company Name] Alerts. [#] msg/mo. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.  Msg&Data rates may apply. Replace [Your Company Name] with your company name and replace [#] with the number of SMS messages you expect to send to your contacts each month.

In this article, we will explain how to add an unsubscribe link to your SMS campaigns. Having an unsubscribe link in your SMS campaigns is mandatory as it is essential to your contacts and for the proper functioning of your campaigns.

We will go over the following steps:

Before you start

Step 1: Create your unsubcription form

  1. Go to Contacts > Forms > Unsubscription
  2. Click Create a new unsubscription form

Step 2: Customize your SMS unsubcription form

  1. At the Setup step, name your unsubscription form
  2. At the Design step:
    1. Select the Enter your email address to unsubscribe block
    2. In the Attribute list, select SMS
    3. Customize the rest of the form to meet your needs
  3. At the Settings step:
    1. Select whether or not you want to redirect your contacts to a confirmation page
    2. If necessary, select to which confirmation page you want to redirect your contacts
  4. At the Messages step, customize the messages shown when a contact unsubcribes:
    • Success message: displayed when a contact successfully unsubscribes
    • Invalid user information: displayed when the information provided does not match the field format
    • Error message: displayed when the unsubscription failed
    • Empty field: displayed when the contact did not enter any information in the field
    • Contact number does not exist: displayed when the contact entered a number that does not appear in your contact list

Step 3: Share your SMS unsubcribe link

❗️ Important
It is not recommended to include URL shorteners (like or tinyurl) in SMS campaigns sent to US contacts. This may affect the deliverability of your campaigns and result in hard bounces.

  1. At the Share step, click the eye_icon.png icon to preview your SMS unsubcription form
  2. To add your SMS unsubscribe link to your SMS campaigns:
    1. Copy the Quick share link
    2. Paste it into your SMS campaigns

Your contacts can now unsubcribe from your SMS campaigns whenever needed.

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