Installing the PrestaShop Plugin - PS v1.7


Download the Plugin


The SendinBlue PrestaShop Plugin allows you to set up an effective email and/or SMS marketing strategy from your PrestaShop website:

  • Automatic integration with the newsletter subscription form on your website
  • Automatic synchronization of your Opt-in PrestaShop contacts with SendinBlue
  • Newsletter creation in SendinBlue using an ultra-powerful Intuitive Newsletter Editor
  • Automatic upload of your PrestaShop sales into your SendinBlue account, making it possible to segment your contacts based on sales generated
  • Optimized deliverability of your marketing and transactional sent messages (account creation, order confirmation, etc.)
  • Marketing and transactional text messages sent directly from PrestaShop back office

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to have a SendinBlue account to use the SendinBlue module. It is free to create this account and only takes a few seconds.

1. Installing the module

There are two different ways to install the module: - Login to the back office of your PrestaShop website, go to the "Modules" tab and search for SendinBlue. As SendinBlue is a PrestaShop partner module, it is installed by default in your PrestaShop back office. Then click on the "Configure" button. - Go to the SendinBlue module page, login to your PrestaShop account and click on the "Download" button.


2. Activating your SendinBlue account

Activate the SendinBlue module by clicking on "Yes" and logging into your SendinBlue account to get your API key (available here). Then click on the "Update" button.


3. Activating the functions you need

Activate SendinBlue to manage your subscribers and select the list into which you will import your new subscribers. When you click on "Yes", any new PrestaShop contacts will automatically be imported into SendinBlue and will appear in your selected list.


If you want your transactional emails (e.g. payment confirmations, order summaries, etc.) to be sent via SendinBlue, click on "Yes" to activate SendinBlue SMTP. This will allow you to optimize the deliverability of your emails and to check that each email has successfully reached your recipient's inbox, been opened, clicked, etc. Important note: your SMTP account needs to be activated. If this has not yet been done, you can send a request to our our support team.


Activating the tracking code will enable you to automatically upload your customers' orders into your SendinBlue account. This will be very useful for a targeted campaign, e.g. based on customer spending.


4. Managing your SMS campaigns

You can also configure how transactional text messages are sent: you can choose to send an SMS confirming an order or shipment of an order.


You can also send an SMS marketing campaign directly via the SendinBlue module by clicking on "Send an SMS campaign". Select the recipient(s) and prepare your campaign.


The SendinBlue module for PrestaShop allows you to optimize communication with your customers and simplify interaction between your PrestaShop website and your SendinBlue account.