Adding senders to a child account

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Good to know: Before adding a sender to a child account, the sender's domain has to be verified on your parent account.

In this article, we'll discuss the steps to add a new sender on a child account:

Before you start

Review the sender that your child account wants to add and verify the consistency of this with their activity.

1. Identifying the domain to be added

Once you know the email address for your child account’s sender, you need to identify its domain. The text that comes after "@" in the email address is the domain that needs to be added.

Let's look at an example:

Your child account wants to add the sender "". The domain to be added to your list of verified domains is "".

Note: Senders associated to non-professional domains like @gmail, @yahoo, @outlook email addresses are not supported for child accounts. Because your child accounts don't own the domain, the domain is not able to be verified.

2. Adding the sender's domain to your parent account

From your parent account, click on Senders & IP in the top right hand menu.


  • Click on the Domains tab.
  • Click on + ADD A NEW DOMAIN button.


In the pop-up window that appears, type the domain name for the sender of your child account and click on Save.


Note: The checkbox "I would like to use this domain name to digitally sign my emails (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)" is used for domain authentication which is not necessary to add the sender to the child account. However, it is helpful for better email deliverability. You'd need to add those records to the domain.

You will now be able to see the sender's domain for your child account in your domains list together with the status "Verified". And that's all you need to do.


3. Creating the sender on the child account 

Now your child account will be able to add any sender with this domain name ( from their accounts.

To add a sender on the child account, the user for your child account would go to Settings and click Configure under "Your Senders".


  • Then click on + Add a Sender.
  • Type
    • Sender name
    • From email
    • Associate the sender with a dedicated IP