Example step 1 for 1&1: Delegating your domain

If you buy a dedicated IP from SendinBlue, you need to link this IP with a domain name. We recommend that you use a different domain name from your main domain name for sending emails. The success of your emailing strategy is dependent upon building trust with your recipients. You should therefore be as transparent as possible, for example: email-yourwebsite.com.

Please note: it is no longer possible to delegate your NS subdomain on the 1and1 service. Alternatively, please register a new domain (it does not need to be hosted on any site) and delegate it by following this tutorial.

1. Tutorial for delegating a full domain name with 1&1.

Note: the domain name must not host a website.

1. Login to your 1&1 account.

2. Once you are logged into your 1&1 account, you will see a section where you can manage your domain names (see below). Click on "Domain management"


3. A list of your domains will be displayed, and in this example we are going to delegate the domain name "mydomain.com" (see image below)


4. Tick the box alongside  the domain name you wish to delegate and click on "Domain settings" (see image below)


5. Select "Change DNS settings" as shown below


6. Check that you have selected the correct domain name and change the settings as shown below


6.1 Select "Other name servers" for the option "Name server"

6.2 Complete the field "1st name server" with: ns1.sendinblue.com

6.3 Select "My secondary name server" for the option "Additional name server"

6.4 Complete the field "2nd name server" with: ns2.sendinblue.com


7. After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation message as shown below


8. Click on "yes"

N.B: You are advised to wait at least one day for the DNS to propagate.

Once you have completed all the above steps, you can follow this tutorial to link your IP with your subdomain on SendinBlue