Integrating Translation Exchange with SendinBlue


  Translation Exchange is the revolutionary online localization platform for websites, apps and global communications. Expand your reach to new audiences worldwide, open new markets and get closer to your customers - wherever they live. By offering a broad range of integration connectors that can link directly into virtually any content hub or technology stack, the software can facilitate, increase the speed, and reduce the costs of deploying multilingual content of any variety, from emails to websites to mobile apps, legal, HR and training documents, marketing collateral and everything in between, built with marketers and developers in mind. By combining the technologies of SendinBlue and Translation Exchange, clients can expect the highest level of quality localization available. Take a look at the video demonstration here

Before starting:

Create your free SendinBlue account at Then create the content you would like to translate by creating a new email campaign and saving it as a draft.


Connect SendinBlue to Translation Exchange

Go to "Source" in the left-hand menu and then click on the 'Import sources" button.


Select the SendinBlue button, and enter the API SendinBlue key that you will find here or log into your SendinBlue account, go to the "My account > SMTP & API" section and copy the "v2" key. Then click on the "Continue" button.


Select the content to be translated

Once you have entered your API key, you will be redirected to the import page for SendinBlue resources where you'll find a list of all the email campaign drafts from your SendinBlue account.


Select the campaigns that you would like to translate and click on the "Import & Continue" button.


When you next login, go directly to "Source" in the left-hand menu, and from the tree diagram, click on SendinBlue and the content that you would like translated. When the SendinBlue resource is imported into Translation Exchange, the content is shown in strings, which you can view by clicking on the "String" tab. Once you've checked the content, select the data to be translated (1) and click on the "Order Translation" button (2).


Check your order order form and then click on the "Proceed with order" button.



Choose an order type

Choose how you would like your content to be translated:

  • Choose a translation provider (automatic translator or a specific translation agency)
  • Request a quote from a translation agency

In the first choice, select the desired translation agency and the languages you would like. You will then be given an estimate for this translation.


Then click on the "Preview Order" button and then "Complete Order" once you've checked the content of your order.

Follow the progress of your translation

To follow the progress of your translation, go directly to "Source" in the left-hand menu, and from the tree diagram, select the content you would like to follow.


You can also follow its progress directly from "Orders" in the left-hand menu by clicking on the desired order. Once the content has been translated, check your content via "Sources" in left-hand menu and select the content from the tree diagram. Click on the "Preview" button in the top right-hand corner to view the campaign and select the language you would like to see.



Once you're happy with the content, click on the "Publish all languages" button.


Go back to your SendinBlue campaigns and look for the new drafts for the initial campaign available for each language translated via Translation Exchange.