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Import contacts to Sendinblue [New design]

Before being able to send emails and SMS messages, you will first need to import your contacts. While you are able to add contacts one at a time, you will most likely be importing them using an import file.

In this article, we will explain how to import your contacts to Sendinblue.

Before you start

  • All contacts added to your contact list must have opted-in to your marketing. To know if a contact matches our opt-in requirements, check out Are my contacts opt-in?.

Create the contact attributes

You can define your contact attributes before uploading your contact list or during the import process.

Create your import file

Learn how to format an import file in Format your contact import file.

To prepare your contact import file:

  1. Optional: In a spreadsheet, create and name your column header.
  2. Paste your contacts' information into the relevant fields.

  3. Save the file in a .CSV or .TXT format.
💡 Good to know
We have created three sample import files that you can download and update with your own data:
- Semicolon-delimited sample import file
- Comma-delimited sample import file
- Tab-delimited sample import file

Import your contacts

Upload a file Copy/Paste
  1. Go to the Contacts tab.
  2. Click Import contacts.
  3. Select the Upload a file option.
  4. Select your contact import file or drag and drop it within the outlined area.
    You will see a preview of the contacts and attribute data to be imported from your file. The table header shown in the preview is the same as the one in your import file.
  5. If the contacts and attributes are separated correctly, click Confirm your file.

Map the data

You will now indicate how Sendinblue should match the data from your import file to your Sendinblue contact list. If you have already defined your contact attributes in Sendinblue, we will attempt to correctly match the data from your file to an existing contact attribute.

❗️ Important
When importing an SMS number, always include the + sign and the country code.
Please note that to prevent any wrong SMS number to be added to your contact list, we always ask you to select a country code in case there are any SMS numbers that do not have a country code. We will then apply the selected country code to all SMS numbers that do not already have a country code. For example, if you select France, any number without a country code will automatically apply the French country code.
Match data to an attribute Cancel an import Add a new attribute
  1. Click the Contact attribute drop-down menu.
  2. Select the desired

Once you are done with the data mapping, click Confirm mapping.

Select a list

Choose the list(s) to which your new contacts will be added. You may select one or multiple existing lists, or create a new list.

Select a list Create a new list
  1. Go to the Select a list tab.
  2. Tick the list(s) in which you want to add your contacts.

Once you are done, click Confirm your list.

Finalize your import

Before importing your contacts, you will be asked to confirm several important settings:

Contacts management

  • Update the attributes of the existing contacts: If you enable this option, any existing attribute will be overwritten if contacts in your import already exist. If you disable this option, these attributes will remain unchanged.
  • Import empty fields to erase existing attribute data: If you enable this option, empty fields in your import will erase any contact attributes that currently contain data. If you disable this option, the empty fields will not affect your existing data.
  • Blocklist the imported Email contacts: If you enable this option, your imported contacts will be blocklisted from receiving your email campaigns. If you disable this option, your imported contacts will be subscribed to receive your email campaigns.
  • Blocklist the imported SMS contacts: If you enable this option, your imported contacts will be blocklisted from receiving your SMS campaigns. If you disable this option, your imported contacts will be subscribed to receive your SMS campaigns.

Opt-in agreement

You must use Sendinblue to send emails or SMS messages only to contacts who have officially agreed (opted-in) to receive your messages. Review our opt-in guidelines to ensure you are only importing opt-in contacts, and then check the I confirm that my new import adheres to these conditions box.

Once you are done, click Confirm your import to begin your import. Note that large imports may take a few moments to process fully.

Once your import is completed, you will be redirected to your Contacts page. A banner will summarize the details of your import, including the number of added contacts, number of duplicates, number of invalid email addresses, etc. You will also receive an email notification confirming this summary.


⏩ What's next?

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.