Importing your contacts into SendinBlue

SendinBlue enables you to send email campaigns and Marketing Automation emails to all your contacts. To do this, you first need to import your contacts into SendinBlue. You can import the email addresses of your contacts, but also any attributes you have available (first name, last name, generated turnover, etc.).

1. 3 Import methods

Go to the Contacts page to see all 3 methods for importing contacts.


1.1. Importing using a CSV or TXT file

This method of importing contacts is done using a CSV or TXT file. This is the most common method used to import contacts. For more information:

  • Click here to find out more about file formats
  • Click here to find out more about how to create a contacts file

For most CMS (Prestashop, WordPress, etc.) and CRM solutions (Pipedrive, SalesForce, etc.), you can download your contacts using a CSV file and then simply import it into SendinBlue. If the CSV file doesn't match, we suggest you download our sample file do adapt the format. This sample is available in the contacts import pop-up.


1.2. Adding contacts manually

You can add contacts manually. This method allows you to add new contacts one by one. For a large import, we suggest you use method 1 or 3.


1.3. Copying and pasting contacts

You can add contacts without using a CSV or TXT file upto  a maximum of 500 imports. If you would like to import more contacts, we suggest you use the first method. To import contacts using the copy/paste method, your contacts should by copied and pasted in the copy/paste import in the following way:

EMAIL,LAST NAME,FIRST NAME,last name1,first name1,last name2,,first name3

You need to add each new contact on a new line and place a comma between each attribute. You can of course add contacts even if they don't have all of the attributes you'd like to import.


2. Importing contacts

To import contacts, select one of the 3 methods mentioned above. In our example, we've chosen to import contacts using a CSV file. To do this, go to the Contacts page.

1.Click on the "Add contacts" button


2. Click on the desired method. Here, we've chosen "Import files"

3. Click on "select a file" and select the desired CSV file


4. Select the list to which you would like to import your contacts, or create a new list and then validate


5. An opt-in certification pop-up will appear. This pop-up is to confirm that your contacts are 100% opt-in. You can find more information about the notion of opt-in here.

6. The mapping data will then be displayed. You need to link your contact attributes on SendinBlue to your file's attributes. If an attribute on SendinBlue doesn't exist, you can create it in the mapping data. Once the fields have been selected, validate by clicking on Save


Your import will then begin. The time it takes to import your contacts depends on the length of your file. A banner as well as an email will show you your summary import (number of added contacts, number of duplicates, number of invalid email addresses, etc.).