Installing the SalesForce plugin



Download the Plugin

The Sendinblue module for SalesForce lets you set up an effective email marketing strategy from your SalesForce website:

  • Match your Sendinblue contact lists and information with SalesForce fields
  • Add your SalesForce contacts and leads to a Sendinblue list
  • Import your Sendinblue contacts as SalesForce leads
  • Create newsletters directly from SalesForce and/or from Sendinblue using a highly powerful and intuitive newsletter builder
  • View the advanced statistics for your campaigns and contacts in your SalesForce account.

IMPORTANT: Using the Sendinblue plugin for SalesForce requires a  Sendinblue account. Creating an account is free and will only take a few seconds. Please also make sure that you have enough storage space available on your SalesForce account to be able to synchronize Sendinblue data: if over 90% is used, please delete old data to be able to import Sendinblue data.

Installing the module

Click here and download the module. Once you are on the home page, select the user profile(s) for which you would like to install the Sendinblue module for SalesForce.


Check the grant third-party access box (1) and click on "Continue" (2)


If you get the message shown below, contact your SalesForce administrator to request assistance.


Configuring the plugin

Enter your API key

Go to the Sendinblue application, then the "Sendinblue Configuration" tab.


Next, login to your Sendinblue account to get your API key (available here). Then click on the "Submit" button SF_EN_5 IMPORTANT: Once the API key has been entered, this can no longer be modified for security reasons.

Global settings

The next step is to configure the global settings, which are the following: SF_EN_1_Bis

  • Create leads from Sendinblue contacts

By using this parameter, the plugin will allow you to create new leads from the importation and/or the synchronization process of Sendinblue contacts provided that these are not already in SalesForce. This parameter is global, and even if some lists have the "Create a lead" option active, if the global option is not activated, these leads will not be created in the lists in question

  • What data should be in priority during synchronization?

The main aim of this parameter is to maintain a coherent number of contacts between SalesForce and Sendinblue.

Note : The synchronization process doesn't eliminate contact attributes.

  • Synchronization lists and campaigns frequency

These parameters define how often the synchronization of lists and campaigns should be carried out.

Note : Synchronization is only carried out for active campaigns and lists

Sendinblue and SalesForce fields mapping

Choose the fields to synchronize between Sendinblue and SalesForce and how to associate the SalesForce contacts and prospects with Sendinblue contact attributes.


If you check the "Create leads" box, be sure to connect all of the leads' required fields and enter a default value in case the Sendinblue field is empty. Don't forget to click on "Save" to apply the changes made in Sendinblue's plugin settings.

Note: To learn more about the advanced configuration of SalesForce, you can click here . You can also check out this article to find out more about managing lists and contacts, campaigns and campaign reports.