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Step 1: 🎥 Delegating your subdomain

Here, we're going to look at how to delegate your subdomain to your new dedicated IP. This step is necessary to configure your dedicated IP.
Your IP address needs to be associated with a sending domain for it to work correctly. This technical domain is used for hosting images and tracking links for example; your recipients will not be able to see this (except if they look at the email's HTML source code).
The domain or subdomain associated with your IP should only be used for sending emails via SendinBlue.
You shouldn't associate a domain or subdomain used elsewhere to your IP. It should not be your website's domain or the domain used for your messaging service. For instance, if your main domain is, then you could go for, or any subdomain or domain of your choice, provided that it is not being used anywhere else except for Sendinblue.

1. Setting up your own domain or subdomain

In most cases, when you set up a dedicated IP on SendinBlue, the procedure is the following.

First you need to create a subdomain that will be dedicated to all your messages sent from SendinBlue. We recommend you create a subdomain such as (this will be your sending domain). You can always contact the person in charge of your domain or your web provider to create this subdomain.

Once this is done, there are two ways you can set up your domain. The method you choose will depend on what your web provider offers as well as your experience with managing subdomains.

1.1. Delegation of SendinBlue servers using NS records

The setting up of NS records should be done directly on your web provider's website. This method allows you to carry out a technical delegation of your subdomain at SendinBlue in order to implement all the records and authentication protocols.

This delegation is possible for most web providers. If this is not the case for your web provider, we suggest you contact them directly. This is the method that we recommend as it means that the records on your sending domain (the domain associated to your IP) will be maintained and continuously updated.

In this case, you need to add the following records to the previously created subdomain (and only the subdomain):


Once these settings have been added to your web provider account and the propagation delay has elapsed (the time it takes for the new NS records to be 'propagated'; 24-48 hours at the most), you can go to step 2: associate your subdomain with your IP on SendinBlue.

We also have tutorials for some web providers. Feel free to take a look:

1.2. Managing NS records that you've set up [Advanced]

In this instance, you'll need to implement all of the records and authentication protocols on your domain or subdomain.

You'll also need to add the following records:

  1. Configure the CNAME record to track your links
  2. Configure the CNAME record to ensure that your image hosting links work properly
  3. Configure a TXT record for your DKIM key
  4. Configure the TXT record for the SPF
  5. Configure the A record
  6. Configure the MX record
  7. Configure the TXT record for your DMARC

To get the values for each record, go to this page and follow the following procedure :

  1. Enter the name of your subdomain
  2. Select the "Configure the DNS records (for advanced users)" option 

Once these settings have been added to your web provider account and the propagation delay has elapsed, you can then associate your subdomain with your IP on SendinBlue.

2. Creation of a domain directly on SendinBlue

If you don't have a website or your own domain, or you don't have the technical wherewithal to follow the next steps, SendinBlue can also offer you under certain circumstances a way of creating and configuring a domain directly from your account. You will not be charged any extra for this new domain.

Please note: This option only allows you to obtain a domain with a .com extension (other extensions such as .fr extensions are not available).

If your account is eligible for this option, you will be able to see this on your account on this page.


Enter the .com domain you wish to use. The system will then specify if this domain is available. If it is, you can then validate it on the platform and your IP will be automatically associated with this domain without any other action on your part.

Be careful: take the time to choose your domain name. Once it has been validated, you won't be able to change it.

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