Step 4: 🎥 Take the time to "warm up" your IP

As mentioned previously, a new SendinBlue dedicated IP is "fresh" and its reputation is neutral. Once associated with your domain, your new IP needs to become known by ISPs (like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) before it is used to send large volumes of emails. In order to build a positive reputation with ISPs, we highly recommend that you start by sending emails in small amounts and gradually increase these volumes over time. This will allow ISPs to recognize you as a sender and become more lenient with your messages.

There is an option available in "Advanced Settings" in the first step of creating your campaign to help you warm up your IP. IPWarmUp_EN_1

It’s very easy to use: simply enter an initial quota and a daily percentage increase.

For example, if you send emails to 100k contacts using the values recommended by SendinBlue (initial quota of 3,000 with a daily increase of 30%), the results look like this:

Day no. Number of emails sent per day Total number of emails sent
1 3000 3000
2 3900 6900
3 5070 11970
4 6591 18561
5 8568 27129
6 11139 38268
7 14480 52749
8 18825 71573
9 24472 96045
10 31813 127858


If you want to send the same number of emails every day, just enter 0 for the daily percentage increase.

Please note - this recommendation is an example, and should be adjusted according to your desired daily sending volume.

Important: If you do not follow this process to "warm up" your IP (e.g. and instead send 100,000 emails from a fresh IP), ISPs will be surprised by this large sending volume from an unrecognized sender/IP address. When in doubt, ISPs may not deliver your messages to your recipients' inbox. Following the recommended process to gradually increase your sending volumes will enable ISPs to both recognize and trust you as a sender.