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What is a verified domain on Sendinblue?

1. Why verify a domain?

Domain verification on Sendinblue enables you to save precious time if you want to create multiple senders on the same domain.

In order to ensure the quality of campaigns sent from Sendinblue, the sender addresses used to send your campaigns need to be created and validated.

To create a sender on Sendinblue, please follow the following steps described in this tutorial.

In short, when you create a sender on Sendinblue you'll receive an email containing a link that must be clicked. Once the link is clicked, the sender address is validated and you may use that particular email address as a sender address for your campaigns.

Domain verification allows you to skip this manual validation step for your senders. Let's review an example together: You would like to create three addresses on the domain:


If domain isn't verified on Sendinblue, you'll receive an email for each address created as a sender. You'll then have to click and activate each sender manually.

If domain is verified on Sendinblue, you can then create as many senders as you want on the same domain without having to validate each one individually.

2. How can I verify a domain?

There are three ways to verify a domain.

  1. By uploading a file to your domain's root directory
  2. By adding a DNS entry to your domain
  3. By sending a verification email to the technical addresses associated with the domain

To verify a domain, you need to go to your Sendinblue account and the following page.

As soon as your domain is verified, the manual validation of sender addresses will no longer be required.

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