Launch an Automation workflow if a contact matches one of your saved search filters

In this article, we will explain how to create an Automation workflow that will launch if a contact matches one of your saved search filters.

Sendinblue lets you launch an Automation workflow based on contact attributes that match one of your previously saved search filters. 

Before you start

Example of a search filter

You may want to specifically target contacts who are customers on your website and who are French-speakers. Your search filter would therefore contain the following contact attributes:


All your contacts meeting these criteria would then enter the workflow.

❗️ Important
Only contacts whose attributes are updated and match the search filter after the workflow is activated can enter it. If a contact already matched the search filter before you activated the workflow, they won't enter it.

Add an entry point to the workflow

To create a workflow that allows contacts to enter only if they match one of your saved search filters:

  1. Go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Click Create a custom workflow.
  4. Set up the workflow and click Start Automating.
    Note: so that the workflow works in an optimal way, do not select Allow your contacts to enter the workflow more than once.
  5. Click Add an entry point to add an entry point to your workflow.
  6. Select Contact Details > Contact filter conditions.
  7. In the Select a filter drop-down list, select the search filter that the contact must match to enter the workflow.
  8. In the When to check field, select the time at which the match should be checked.
  9. In the Interval field, select how often the check should be carried out.
  10. Click OK.

Once you have added the entry point, you can keep adding more steps to the workflow.

❗️ Important
The weekly check always happens on Mondays of each week. Similarly, the monthly check always happens on the 1st of each month.
In case of deactivation and reactivation of the workflow, the condition will be checked once at the time of reactivation and then on each Mondays again. Similarly, for the monthly filter the condition will be checked once at the time of reactivation and then on the 1st of each month.

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